Silver Plated Copper Clad Aluminum (SPCCA)

Ulbrich is committed to delivering high precision products, now with the added benefit of large weight savings for your critical applications. Ulbrich Lite Weight Copper Clad Aluminum can be manufactured into both round and flat sizes, single and multi-end, and bare and silver plated comparable to other copper products.

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Precision Drawn, Rolled and Plated Ulbrich Lite Weight Materials


Center Conductor and Braid Wire materials for High Performance RF and Microwave Cables

Illustrating wire before vs after plating and rolled side and edge

Available Sizes

Diameter: 0.005” to 0.160”
0.0025” to 0.010”
0.015” to 0.100”

10:1 Width to Thickness Ratio

Silver Plated Copper Clad Aluminum Description

Ulbrich Lite Weight CCA & SPCCA is a lighter alternative to pure copper with an approximate weight savings of 70% to copper while retaining desirable electrical properties. This material is ideal for aerospace, military, satellite and other weight conscious applications. To demonstrate the weight saving potential, a graph is included below showing the difference in weight between a pure copper round wire and that same length and size wire made of copper clad aluminum.

Reference ASTM B566, and other Standards

PropertyCopper WireUlbrich Lite CCA 15%Ulbrich Lite CCA 10%
Density [lb/in³]


Electrical Conductivity IACS
Electrical Resistivity [Ohms m]
1.68 x 10⁻⁸2.67 x 10⁻⁸2.74 x 10⁻⁸

Ulbrich is the leading edge in conductor engineering—your development partner that can customize our support to your specific needs.

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